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Women with Capital: Redefining Wealth and Community, with Barbara Pierce

Episode 160

Today, Dr. Ekstrom is joined by Barbara Pierce, the founder of Women with Capital, a remarkable organization that aims to empower women with substantial wealth. Barbara shares her personal journey from a working-class family in Boston to creating a safe and confidential space for women to openly discuss their lives, wealth, and the psychology of money. 

Growing up with friends whose parents supported and encouraged her, Barbara defied societal expectations and pursued higher education, despite her father's skepticism about women's education. She firmly believes in the equal value of everyone, regardless of their financial status.

On this episode of Money Loves Women, join Dr. Deborah Ekstrom and Barbara Pierce to explore the stereotypes surrounding wealthy individuals, including the notion of inheritance, and how Women with Capital aims to challenge and break these stereotypes. Barbara emphasizes the significance of community and openness within these circles, fostering an environment where women can freely discuss their experiences with wealth, investing, and philanthropy. 

Tune in for an inspiring and empowering conversation about women, wealth, and the strength of community.

Topics Discussed:

  • Inside Women with Capital's Vision
  • Navigating Wealth in the Community
  • Discussing Class and Money with Women
  • Inheritance vs. Hard Work
  • Angel Investments and Companies Serving Women
  • Taking Charge of Your Finances
  • Challenges in Building Genuine Relationships
  • How to Be the CEO of Your Wealth


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