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Learning to be a Leader, with Angela Proffitt

Episode 37

Dr. Deborah Ekstrom was raised in the rural upper midwest where the wind blows 365 days a year (admittedly creating energy production opportunities but also wreaking havoc with your hair), and there are only two seasons…winter and highway construction. The rural area of her birth is a place where neighbors still feel responsible for one another.

In addition to the Southern Minnesota prairie lands, she spent part of her formative years in Europe which contributed to the development of her identity as an American and world citizen and as a lover of diverse peoples and cultures.

She has always supported the concept of personal realization through a designed life created with intention and enjoys knowing others in-depth, and resourcing others toward a successful and significant life journey.

While plastic surgery allowed her to assist others in recreating themselves in their next most beautiful iteration, she desired to find a way to create value for others on a greater scale. Personal achievement and wealth building have been major drivers behind her life and led to the development of Money Loves Women—a multimedia platform designed to cut through the noise and chaos of today’s messaging and provide actionable ways for women to design the life of their dreams for meaningful personal and professional success.

What You Will Learn:

  • Why women should seek out readily accessible information on acquiring and growing wealth
  • How to find wealth building resources that are aligned with your life journey
  • What it takes to live an extraordinary life in accordance with your values and ideals
  • The fundamental pillars of wealth building that lead to happiness and fulfillment
  • Why women are heavily scrutinized when it comes to personal presence
  • How to better understand your relationship with money so you can welcome it into your life

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