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“Girl Brain Investing” is more than just a newsletter; it's a movement dedicated to nurturing your unique strengths and empowering you to make confident, informed, and purpose-driven investment choices.

The Podcast

A conversation-based show of interviews with influential women who will inspire you and direct you to the skills and mindset you need to build your own pathway to financial freedom.

Designed for Women.
Driven by Results.

If you’ve been wondering where the growth-focused women of the world hang out, you’ve just found a hot spot. Money Loves Women provides a holistic yet concise methodology to help guide women on a clear path to financial fulfillment.

With podcasts, courses, and wealth-building resources, you can join a new community of finanically savvy women who are spending more time with their families, building dream careers, funding their passions, and finally pursuing an extraordinary life.

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The Money Loves Women Podcast

Dr. Deborah K. Ekstrom hosts the Money Loves Women Podcast, where women can find actionable advice from seasoned professionals in the business, financial, personal development, and career development sectors.

With 120 episodes and counting, this popular show brings essential advice to women who are ready to carve their own path and stop worrying about their financial future. 

40K+ Streams
4.7 Rating on Apple Podcasts
1500+ Monthly Listeners

Real-Talk Reviews

If you want to attract wealth and success, you’re not alone.


“I’m lucky enough to have met Joan and I was already inspired by her wisdom and her strength. I loved listening to her story in this podcast and better understanding how she found purpose through adversity. She inspires me to be a better leader and a better person.”

Zoe V.

Powerful Conversation!

“Dr. Ekstrom gets right to the heart of what wealth means! Tricia’s inner game of success, her purpose and the impact helps others create is powerful! Amazing podcast. I can’t wait to hear more.”

Michelle E.

Top Shelf

“This podcast absolutely belongs on your ‘top shelf’ of podcasts! What I appreciate most is the variety provided, between nuts and bolts business guidance, the arts, the examination of both mind and spirit, and the inclusion of experts from such an expanse of backgrounds and experience levels. Whatever you need to hear on any given day, can be found right here!”

Amelia C.

Good Info for Males As Well

“Good info for males as well. Have listened to all of your podcasts - you interviewed a few nut cases but most of the interviews were fantastic!”

Juris B.
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