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Mastering AI to Amplify Productivity and Creativity, with Brad Costanzo

Mastering AI to Amplify Productivity and Creativity, with Brad Costanzo

Episode 182

On this episode of Money Loves Women, join Dr. Deborah Ekstrom and special guest, Brad Costanzo, where we're diving into the awe-inspiring world of artificial intelligence. We explore the groundbreaking impact AI has made on ALL industries—from creative arts to entrepreneurship, and even retirement planning. 

Brad is a true AI enthusiast and shares the potential of large language models (LLMs), which can supercharge your creative processes and transform how you work. From generating content and lead magnets to revolutionizing screenwriting and financial planning, AI is truly a game-changer. We also explore AI's potential in stock options and discover how it's transforming Hollywood screenwriting, all while emphasizing that AI is here to augment, not replace, human creativity.

Brad continues to showcase the transformative potential of AI technology, offering a crash course in AI and automation, retirement planning advice, and insights on adapting to the AI revolution. Brad's personal experiences and expert knowledge make this episode a must-listen for anyone curious about how AI is shaping our world.

Topics Discussed:

  • 02:51-4:42 Unintentional AI Mastery
  • 04:43-8:26 The AI Revolution
  • 08:27-13:36 Generating Compelling Leads
  • 13:37-14:55 Deep Fakes and Voice Replication in Videos
  • 14:56-22:52 AI's Artistic Touch
  • 22:53-26:37 AI-Created Learning Plans
  • 26:38-33:58 AI in Hollywood Screenwriting
  • 33:59-40:30 Building a Strong Financial Foundation
  • 40:31-42:28 AI's Superhuman Potential
  • 42:29-48:10 A Crash Course with AI Tools


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