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A Path to Entrepreneurship Without Extensive Skills, with Dr. Deborah Ekstrom

A Path to Entrepreneurship Without Extensive Skills, with Dr. Deborah Ekstrom

Episode 183

In the latest episode of Money Loves Women, Dr. Deborah Ekstrom discusses entrepreneurship, and explores the concept of acquiring a franchise as a way to enter the business world.

Dr. Ekstrom also shares the widening wealth gap and its impact on society. It's a pressing issue that demands our attention, and you’ll discover why everyone should be concerned and take action.

Artificial intelligence, a topic that is making waves in various industries, will also be discussed in the episode. Dr. Ekstrom gets into how AI can amplify our capabilities and why it's important for everyone, even those not directly involved with AI-related fields, to understand its applications.

Additionally, you’ll learn about real estate investing, as Dr. Ekstrom recommends a fascinating method outlined in the book “Small and Mighty Real Estate Investor”.

Join us on “Money Loves Women” as we uncover these fascinating topics, provide valuable insights, and inspire you to take control of your financial future.

Topics Discussed:
00:24-05:25 Robert Kiyosaki's “Second Chance” Discusses Money and Life Opportunities
05:26-08:59 High Cost of Medicare and Medicaid Revealed
09:00-09:30 Environmental, Nuclear, Military, Pandemic, Economic, AI Emergencies
09:31-14:02 Robert Kiyosaki Emphasizes Second Chances and Planning
14:03-18:47 Reform Leads to Visionary Leaders and Productivity
18:48-22:17 Why Young People Prioritize Experiences Over Material Possessions
22:18-24:53 How to Maximize Benefit from Sales with Intact Value
24:54-26:58 Walker Dybell, Entrepreneur, Recommends Researching and Considering Franchises
26:59-28:52 Tony's Course and Its Importance
28:53-29:25 Blessings for Health, Wealth, and Happiness


Welcome to another episode of Money Loves Women, where we explore the intersection of money, women, and empowerment.

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