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From Farm Fields to Finding Financial Fulfillment: Dr. Deborah Ekstrom’s Personal Journey

Episode 166

On this episode of Money Loves Women, Dr. Deborah Ekstrom shares her own personal journey which brought her to where she is today—a story that takes us back to her childhood on a dairy farm in southern Minnesota. 

Dr. Ekstrom shares her early experiences living in a rural community and finding income with few resources from walking through soybean fields to detasseling corn, which grounded her with a strong work ethic and understanding of the value of hard work. 

This ultimately led her to where she is today. Inspired by a story and guided by principles learned from a mentor, Dr. Ekstrom developed a conscious decision to grow her wealth, rather than just dream about it. 

She began to pursue a career in medicine and is now a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with a thriving practice in cosmetic surgery.

Throughout her career, Dr. Ekstrom discovered a passion for personal growth and today, she shares the principles that have guided her—including making decisions in alignment with values and ideals, pursuing mastery in multiple areas, finding intimacy and leveraging freedom,  transforming negative messages into positive ones along the way.

She also shares how to make a committed decision, take on financial responsibility, create a spending plan, protect and manage money through education and insurance, and much more! Tune in to this episode of Money Loves Women for valuable lessons and insights on personal and financial growth.

Topics Discussed:

  • From Farm Fields to Finance
  • Dr. Ekstrom’s Story of Hard Work and Financial Growth
  • Conscious Decisions and Financial Dreams
  • How Dr. Ekstrom Financed Her Way to Success
  • A Plastic Surgeon's Tale of Fulfillment and Finance
  • Dr. Ekstrom's Transformation in Pursuit of Success
  • Balancing Motherhood and Medical Advancement
  • Beyond the Scalpel with Dr. Ekstrom


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