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Turning Your Passion into a Business, with Fayza Gerges

Episode 40

Fayza Gerges immigrated from Alexandria, Egypt at age 17 after being tricked by her sister to come to southern California. Although she hated leaving her friends, she quickly saw the opportunity and managed two of her brother-in-laws’ businesses by age 18.  Shortly thereafter she was awarded her Associate Degree in Business Administration and leveraged her interest in food and business by opening a food truck. She developed a successful business strategy and eventually transitioned into a brick and mortar restaurant. During this time she also excelled as a wife and mother and taught young women in a group home how to cook, be academically successful, and develop life skills. Confronted with a divorce after 30 years of marriage she decided to retire, travel, and otherwise care for herself. She still spends some time working as a private chef for persons who especially enjoy her style of cooking and treasures her faith and time with her children and grandchildren.

What You Will Learn:

  • Fayza’s wealth-building journey as an immigrant in the U.S.
  • Why Fayza chose business as her pathway to building wealth
  • How Fayza developed her relentless work ethic and management skillset
  • What inspired Fayza to pursue entrepreneurship instead of another avenue in business
  • How Fayza found her stride in the food industry and became a restaurateur
  • How Fayza has given back to the community that gave her so much opportunity

Meet your hosts:

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