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Designing Your Own Opportunities, with Chelsea Wood

Episode 144

Chelsea Wood serves as the Managing Director of the Acquisition Lab. This organization teaches members how to buy a business without the messy challenges of founding a start-up.

Chelsea's experience getting to her role at the Acquisition Lab is marked by her drive to take responsibility and step up to the plate. Though no one in her family attended college, Chelsea prioritized her education and now holds a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. 

After graduating with her Master's degree, she worked with her employer to design a role that fit her personal life and negotiated to become the only remote team member. As her responsibility at work and her family grew, Chelsea made a tough call to change jobs when she wasn't spending enough time with her family. At each step of her career, Chelsea demonstrated a commitment to herself – to be realistic, and confident, and to not lose her quirky personality. 

After a chance encounter with fellow St. Louis professional Walker Deibel (Ep 137), Chelsea left the corporate world and stepped into her current role at The Acquisition Lab. Chelsea experienced firsthand the soul-sucking reality of long work hours in the pursuit of financial comfort. She knows the toll it can take on women and their families. At the Acquisition Lab, Chelsea educates members on an alternate method of growing wealth: buying a business.

On this episode of Money Loves Women, join Dr. Deborah Ekstrom and Chelsea Wood to learn more about Chelsea's story of overcoming obstacles, and how purchasing a business is easier than it sounds.

Topics Discussed:

  • Purchasing businesses
  • Creating tailored job positions
  • Transitioning between roles within a company
  • Overcoming barriers
  • Long work hours
  • Work and family boundaries
  • Promotions


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