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Private Equity and Investment Banking, with Vivian Garcia-Tunon

Episode 118

If one of your goals in life is to help others, you must first start by helping yourself.

After succeeding in everything he set her mind to, Vivian Garcia Tunon, founder of VGT People Advisory, still found herself struggling with speaking confidently about herself and her accomplishments in order to grow.

Upon identifying this common roadblock, Vivian worked hard to take the steps needed to build that confidence, learning that knowing your worth as a woman and being able to feel comfortable about talking to your accomplishments has the ability to bring you wealth and happiness.

Now, Vivian applies everything she learned in her own life and through her professional career in personal human development to help teach senior executives and founders how to provide confident leadership, and management development in order to achieve professional goals and corporate objectives.

Tune in to this episode of Money Loves Women to join Dr. Deborah Ekstrom and Vivian Garcia-Tunon to learn how working passionately can offer you growth and improvement in order to help inspire and help others.

Topics Discussed:

  • Finding Your Passion
  • Self-Worth and Confidence
  • Helping Others
  • Equity and Banking

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