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Influencing the World Through Art, with Indra Sproģe

Episode 23

Indra Sproģe attended the Riga (Latvia) 2nd Secondary School and the Glass Art Department of Riga Secondary School of Applied Art. She is a graduate of the Graphic Design Department of the Latvian Academy of Art and the master class of A. Dembo. She has been a curator for nine exhibitions by the pupils of A. Dembo. She has trained in cultural management at the Latvian Academy of Culture and obtained a Master’s Degree in Art. I.

Sproģe is a free artist: she writes poetry and prose, draws, paints, photographs and creates unusual objects. In the field of book art, she creates concepts, content, and design for original and attractive projects that always have a didactic purpose. In 2004 she created the calendar “Time Winds Around You” (Laiks vijas ap tevi) based on the concept of an interactive wish or greeting – like spreading email messages. In 2005 she created the visual communication set “0 + 0 = infinity (0 + 0 = bezgalība; book and set of cards). Since 1995 she has held solo exhibitions almost every year, and her works are held in various collections.

She received the 2007 Annual Prize for Book Publishing for the book “Million” (Miljons. Digitally transformed by A. Plotka, colour: L. Cēsniece. R.: Zaržecka privātprakse, 2007). Through the paintings in this work, children can learn to read in the form of a game. It is a book in terms of form, and a game in terms of content. Animals, plants, everyday objects, and simple, familiar activities are arranged in various combinations – 300 words and 300 pictures. I. Sproģe offers you the chance to create a million sentences and a million strange characters.

In 2010, she developed a new original project called: “The Alphabet for Play” (Joka pēc alfabēts. R.: Zvaigzne ABC, 2010). A poster is placed in the book with illustrations and all the letters of the alphabet, as well as a DVD disk with an animated film made by the Rija studio. Watching and singing along with Renārs Kaupers, children can learn and remember the alphabet more easily.

What You Will Learn:

  • The work Indra has been doing with her art, writing, and filmmaking
  • Indra’s new animation project and what it aims to achieve
  • How Indra won an award for her children’s animation in a United States film festival
  • Indra’s life experience under the USSR, and how it shaped her appreciation for freedom
  • What life was like in Latvia after the Soviets left
  • The general sense of national identity for women in Latvia


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