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Dispelling the Myth of the Other, with Sonja Pemberton

Episode 79

Sonja Pemberton is a speaker, consultant, and coach. She fled from the corporate world to pursue more heart-based work to dispel the myth of ‘other.’ “As part of humanity labeled as other, I illuminate and stand resolute in the need to stop the conscious and unconscious inclination to (label people unlike ourselves as) ‘other.’ Embodying intentional, persuasive, and meaningful actions, I authentically articulate the impact of othering. By actively dispelling the myth of the other, we empower advocacy, allyship, and influence. The outcome is an understanding and acknowledgment of how we (label people as) ‘other’ and the uncovering of opportunities to eradicate this construct in our global society using a contemplative awareness-based approach.” The movement she has founded, Dispelling the Myth of the Other, has been spoken on and taught worldwide.

What You Will Learn:

  • How Sonja didn’t realize that she was poor growing up
  • Why having exposure to higher education as a child is important 
  • How our socio-economic backgrounds impact our aspirations
  • Why we are dehumanizing when we label each other as ‘other’
  • What it means to dispel the myth of the ‘other’
  • What question can we ask ourselves when we are feeling unsure of ourselves

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