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Becoming a Critical Thinker, with Dr. Ariane David

Episode 81

Ariane David is the founder and President of Pax Veritas, a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote sustainable peace, resource equity, and social and environmental justice globally. In 2018 she addressed the International Leadership Conference in Brussels on War, Women, and Diffusing the Conflict Bomb, a look at the positive impact of women on the formation and maintenance of sustainable peace worldwide.  

She is on the faculty of California State University, Northridge where she teaches graduate courses in critical and systems thinking, human behavior, ethics, and leadership. In addition, she is co-founder and senior partner at The Veritas Group, a consulting firm that focuses on teaching critical thinking to leaders in all sectors. These trainings are now available to the public through Pax Veritas as a tool to accomplish their mission.

Ariane has served as a special advisor to boards of numerous for-profit, non-profit, and public sector organizations in the areas of organizational culture and systems thinking. She was a special advisor to the SEC Commission on Public Trust and Private Enterprise after the Enron/Arthur Anderson debacle as the Commission struggled to understand how people in organizations either succumb to an unethical culture as did the Enron/Arthur Anderson executives or push back against it, as did the whistleblowers.  

Her current book-in-progress is entitled Equilibrium: How Super-Myths Shattered the Balance of the Human Race and How to Restore It.

What You Will Learn:

  • How Ariane’s father influenced her to become a critical thinker
  • What is non-positional critical thinking and systems thinking
  • Why women are often better than men at critical systems thinking
  • How women in the workplace equate to more long term success
  • What does it take to be open enough to question your thinking
  • How to know that you are not listening non-positionally
  • How non-positional critical thinking can transform a business
  • Why the super myth of masculinity came to be and how it divides men and women

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