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A Single Mother’s Real Estate Triumph, with Nancy McKenna

Episode 179

Nancy McKenna is a Money Coach with a passion for transforming the lives of midlife women by helping them attain true financial freedom and independence. With more than 35 years of experience as a corporate accountant and 17 years as a successful real estate investor, Nancy brings a wealth of knowledge and practical expertise to her clients.

Nancy built lifelong wealth as a single mother of two children. She understands the emotional as well as financial impacts this stage of life brings. She wants to tell you not to wait! Nancy will teach you how to take control of your financial future to celebrate this stage of your life and have the money to do so.

It’s important to understand your current financial situation and master the art of controlling your thoughts for triumph. Join Dr. Ekstrom and Nancy McKenna to for creating a solid financial future and seize every opportunity that comes your way.

Topics Discussed:
00:33-05:57 Empowering Midlife Women Through Real Estate Investing
05:57-09:22 From Books to Investments in Portland
09:22-12:33 Dealing with Delayed Payments and Tight Finances
12:33-16:48 The Tax Advantage of Real Estate
16:48-20:17 Maximizing Profitability and Decision-Making
20:17-24:53 Building a Portfolio
24:53-27:57 Financial Transformation and Mindset Shift
27:57-29:36 Opportunities, Migration, and Investing in the Southern United States
29:36-35:11 Excel vs. Financial Freedom Tracker for Cash Flow and Control
35:11-37:29 The Power of Mindful Spending
37:29-40:27 How Habits Shape Actions and Learning to Invest


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