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Shana Francesca

Design Your Space, Design Your Life with Shana Francesca

Episode 116

We have the ability to transform our present and future lives when we infuse them with intention and design and accept our role as the author of our own story…at least according to Shana Francesca, Founder and Lead Designer at Concinnate, a multidisciplinary interior and life design firm. 


Shana believes that everyone has a story, and since ⅔ of our life is spent in our home, much of our story takes place in our home – it becomes the stage from which we tell the story of our life. 


Tune into this episode of Money Loves Women to join Dr. Deborah Ekstrom and Shana Francesca to learn how your environment is a reflection of the belief in yourself and how you can transform your life and story by transforming your surroundings.


Topics Discussed:

  • Interior Design
  • Life Design
  • Self-expression
  • Boundary Setting



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