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Financial bookkeeping with Alisha Martin

Finding Financial Success in Fulfilling Needs, with Alisha Martin

Episode 175

On this episode of Money Loves Women, join Dr. Deborah Ekstrom and Alisha Martin, a financial strategist and owner of The Financial Game Planner LLC a bookkeeping and CFO advisory firm specializing in the residential construction industry. Her firm partners with companies to assist in growth by providing personalized financial insights that help the owners make informed decisions for growth.

Alisha's expertise shines as she discusses the keys to personal success and financial goal achievement. Drawing inspiration from Warren Buffett, she encourages listeners to reverse-engineer their financial aspirations, emphasizing the importance of understanding the cost of the lifestyle you desire.

Alisha's journey as a business owner unfolds, highlighting her adeptness in adapting to managing teams virtually and ensuring tasks are accomplished. While she admits to not having a natural affinity for numbers, she stresses the significance of knowing your financial metrics.

Alisha's valuable insights extend to personality types and their impact on success in the business world, culminating in a fascinating exploration of personal values, staying focused on goals, and making informed, non-emotional decisions.

Dive into this episode to learn about practical strategies, inspiring stories, and expert advice to elevate your financial journey.

Topics Discussed:

  • Importance of Knowing Your Financial Goals
  • Challenges of Managing People Virtually
  • Having a Capable Bookkeeper
  • Understanding Different Personality Types
  • Making Decisions Based on Goals, Not Emotions
  • Assisting Clients with Financial Challenges


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