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Manifesting Abundance, with Janice Alpert

Episode 84

Janice Alpert is a Licensed Clinical Therapist who was featured 3x on Oprah! She's an Eating Disorder Specialist, author, and now podcast host of the popular show On Purpose, which is dedicated to exploring life lived on Purpose via the stories and wisdom of others.

Janice champions a mindset of abundance. Her passion is to help others find their purpose in life.

What You Will Learn:

  • How Janice’s dad becoming a lawyer in his 40s impacted her perspective on possibilities and achievements
  • Why Janice decided to pursue adoption after the birth of her first child
  • What made Janice specialize in eating disorders as a therapist
  • How Janice used major television shows to promote her private practice
  • What are the different types of eating disorders, and how do they differ from well-disciplined behavior
  • How different psychological issues affect eating disorders
  • Why Janice believes that we all are meant to have abundance in life

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