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Opportunity in the Face of Adversity, with Annie Sellas

Episode 44

Annie Sellas is a cancer survivor and the cofounder of Believe Walk in the Inland Empire. She is a first-generation American born in San Bernardino, CA to two Greek immigrants, and she currently works with her husband in his practice as an oral maxillofacial surgeon as his practice director. The community Annie developed continues to play an important role in her success and she is doing everything in her power to give back. In this episode of the Money Loves Women podcast, Annie joins us to share her incredible story and talk about overcoming adversity in her wealth-building journey showcasing the health/wealth connection.

What You Will Learn:

  • How Annie’s accessed her influence and power in her healing journey
  • How Annie used her life experiences as a vehicle for belief in her mission
  • Annie’s role as a community activist and fundraiser
  • How Annie’s bout with breast cancer influenced her journey to success
  • How optimism and positivity can help us identify opportunities in the face of adversity
  • Why Annie and her partners created the Believe Walk, and what they have accomplished so far

How to contact Annie Sellas:

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