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Finding and Accepting Worthiness, with Chella Diaz

Episode 98

Chella knew at a very young age how to manage money. At 9 years old she would go to the farmer’s market and knew the vendors that had the best produce at the lowest price. She purchased her first car at 17 and her first home at 23. Chella was married for 17 years and has two sons. For over 15 years, Chella has been on her spiritual journey. Chella has been hosting workshops to empower people to charge their value and attract their ideal clients. You are the boss, money is your employee.

What You Will Learn:

  • How Chella learned to be good with money from a young age
  • Why the lesson of “working hard for your money” was challenging for Chella
  • Why young people have the same questions about money regardless of their economic background
  • How teaching women about money differed from training high school students
  • What our feeling of worthiness does to our ability to charge higher fees
  • Why we must become aware of our beliefs and thoughts about money
  • What actions you can take to move past feelings of unworthiness
  • How women can uplift each other, and why women often criticize one another

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