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entrepreneuirship with steve chou

Mastering ‘Mompreneurship’, with Steve Chou

Episode 177

On this episode of Money Loves Women, join Dr. Deborah Ekstrom and Steve Chou, a Wall Street Journal best selling book author, family first entrepreneur, and highly-recognized influencer and speaker in the e-commerce space.

Today Steve reminds us that the journey to financial success isn't just about formal education. It's all about continuous personal growth and exploring new horizons. Don't settle for just formal education; invest in yourself, explore new interests, and unlock your full potential. 

He also shares his and his wife’s journey into “mompreneurship” and how running a business helps moms stay sharp, constantly honing their skills and adapting to new challenges. Embrace the opportunities that come with balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship, and leverage your unique perspective to succeed.

Lastly we discuss the impact of first impressions. While it's what's inside that truly counts, the way you present yourself can open doors or slam them shut. So, whether you're in a boardroom or behind a screen, always remember: dress for success and let your appearance align with your ambitions.

Join us for this episode of the Money Loves Women podcast to dive deeper and uncover more invaluable insights from Steve Chou. 

Topics Discussed:

  • [00:00-04:47] Transforming to Entrepreneurial Success
  • [04:47-11:08] Early Birds Catching the E-commerce Worm
  • [11:08-19:35] Self-Education & The Path to Wealth
  • [19:35-28:12] Navigating Website Startup Challenges
  • [28:12-36:38] The Impact of Appearance
  • [36:38-45:52] The Power of Personalization in Business
  • [45:53-49:15] Patience and Learning in Entrepreneurship
  • [49:16-50:50] Informal Mentorship and Learning from Others
  • [50:51-51:16] Balancing Family Life and Entrepreneurship


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