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Harnessing the Power of Pain for Purpose, with Charles Clay

Episode 134

Charles Clay interacts with the world from a grounded, holistic perspective. But, his confidence was not always as strong as it is today. Though Charles grew up in picturesque rural Washington, his childhood wasn’t a fairytale. Clay’s parents divorced when he was four years old. This trauma colored his future beliefs on nearly everything: confidence, purpose, money, and career. It took another trauma, a snowboarding accident in 2008, for Charles to face his inherited internal blockers. While suffering from back pain after his accident, Charles discovered NeuroKinetic Therapy®, or NKT. Inspired by the teachings from NKT, Clay created new programs – The InnerPeace Process and The Laser Focus Method – that he uses with his clients today. 

 Charles believes that we often overlook the messages that our bodies send us. He implements The InnerPeace Process with his clients to unlock solutions to the emotional unease manifesting as physical symptoms.  Charles challenges his clients to ask: what is my body telling me and what should I do about it? 

Our guest reports his own experience of inheriting two money mindsets, one from each of his parents. From his dad, the experience that money was a “roller coaster ride” going from wealth to bankruptcy.  From his mom, there was “never enough money to go around”. Understanding the origin of his money mindset allowed Charles to examine his thought patterns around money and gave him a process to achieve clarity, change gears, and then create more powerful thinking, a healthier relationship with money, and a new pathway to financial well-being. 

On this episode of Money Loves Women, join Dr. Deborah Ekstrom and Charles Clay to learn about the power of uncovering the root cause of our pain, and unlearning and reshaping our money mindsets.

Topics Discussed:

  • Physical pain and personal healing
  • Money mindsets
  • Resolving difficult emotions
  • NeuroKinetic Therapy®
  • The InnerPeace Process
  • Abundance


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