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Women Driving Revenue and Shaping Business, with Kelley O’Keeffe

Episode 162

Welcome to another episode of Money Loves Women where Dr. Ekstrom sits down with Kelley O'Keeffe, Founder and CEO of Empowered Engagement, a consulting agency focused on helping women empower themselves economically. 

Kelley grew up in a small town in Georgia, and despite not coming from a family of wealth, she was determined and hungry for success. Through hard work, preparation, and a touch of divine grace, she defied all odds and built an extraordinary career path for herself. 

Today, Kelley shares the essential skill sets women need to master to succeed in business—from making financial decisions to assessing mindset and designing lives with wealth in mind, she covers it all. She also explores the unique challenges we face as women, such as gaining access to information, equal pay, flexible work hours, and recognition, and how to overcome them.

Get ready to learn Kelley's insights on time management, morning prioritization, and crafting a life that brings together productivity and personal fulfillment, while also discovering the thrilling benefits of making strategic lateral moves for skill acquisition and more. Tune in now!

Topics Discussed:

  • Outsourcing and Prioritizing Work and Family Responsibilities
  • Essential Skill Sets for Financial Success
  • Driving Gender Equality in Sales Leadership
  • Challenges Faced by Women in Business
  • Acquiring and Growing Businesses with Women at the Helm
  • Profitability, Revenue, Risk, and Cost-Cutting Demystified
  • Key Tips for Women to Thrive Financially


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