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Sky’s the Limit, with Paige Halbert

Episode 19

At just twenty-two years of age, Paige Halbert has already earned her multi-engine pilot’s license for commercial airlines. She is also about to complete her CFT whereafter she will become a certified flight instructor. Paige studied communications and early childhood education in college, then pivoted to a completely different career path after graduating and working first in elementary education and subsequently as a high school teacher.

What You Will Learn:

  • Paige’s background and journey into aviation
  • How Paige’s experience participating in beauty pageants provided her with unique opportunities for personal development, self-confidence, and community service
  • Paige’s struggle with bullying over her weight as a youth and the advice she would give to mothers who have daughters in a similar situation
  • How Paige achieved her health goals and transformed her life as a result
  • The life principles that Paige has chosen for herself thus far


Meet your hosts:

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