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How to Build Effective Training Courses, with Nancy Giere

Episode 94

After a lifetime in the corporate training world, Nancy knows how businesses operate and she isn't afraid to shake things up. Her unique perspective combined with 25+ years of experience has empowered her with fresh insight and the industry's best-kept secrets that she's ready to share with you. On a lifelong campaign against boring training, she uses the power of storytelling and light-hearted humor to create an engaging, fun, and interactive environment. Masterfully intertwining comedic humor with life lessons, her stories make learning stick! Nancy has worked with the biggest names in corporate America like Johnson Controls, Harley Davidson, and Stripel.

What You Will Learn:

  • Nancy’s background and how her entrepreneurial father influenced where she is today
  • The importance of storytelling and how it can help your audience remember key points
  • How to structure your course so that your audience comes away from it with competence and confidence
  • Why humor is an effective tool to help connect people to your key idea and warm them up to your course
  • An explanation of what instructional design is and how Nancy uses it to help individuals and corporations develop exceptional courses
  • How to find your course topic by digging into your own life experience
  • Nancy’s actionable advice to women who want to share their knowledge and create a successful course

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