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Moving with Intention, with Kyara Gray

Episode 100

As a founder of Charm City Buyers, Kyara Gray is responsible for identifying investment opportunities, organizational strategy, strategic partnerships, directing operations, strategic focus, organizational capacity, partnership advancement, and community engagement. Her expertise in operations allows for the development of key KPIs and business dashboards to enable performance management and facilitate organizational accountability.

Kyara defines and prioritizes key strategic objectives in coordination with partners throughout the organization to provide decision support with high-quality business forecasting, operations, and analytics processes. Since its inception, Kyara has consistently increased annual revenues, year over year, including the most recent 110% increase that has resulted in hundreds of renovated residential properties in Baltimore City. She also performs operationally focused financial analysis and intelligence gathering to support strategic development and business initiatives.

Mrs. Gray has rehabilitated vacant and blighted properties for residential resale since 2012. Her extensive knowledge of tax credits, grants, construction, and development allows for high-quality, low-cost products to market rate and affordable home buyers. Mrs. Gray continues to oversee a portfolio of 20+ rental units in Baltimore, MD, and Hartford, CT.

What You Will Learn:

  • How Kyara’s upbringing impacted her ability to strive for success
  • Why an early athletic career often implies success later in life
  • Why networking and making connections is a key skill set in large organizations
  • What intention did Kyara have when leaving a Fortune 100 company to work at a startup
  • How working at a startup can help feed entrepreneurial pursuits
  • What the real estate market is like in Baltimore, and how Kyara expects it to change
  • How Kyara transforms neighborhoods and rejuvenates communities in Baltimore

How to contact Kyara Gray:

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