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10 Reasons Women Fail to Grow Wealth – Part #3, with Dr. Deborah Ekstrom

Episode 141

This show is the third of three episodes on The 10 Reasons Women Fail to Grow Wealth, hosted by Dr. Deborah K. Ekstrom, Founder, and CEO of Money Loves Women. 

Many women throw their past forward. What does that mean? If you’ve heard someone say, “This is the way we’ve always done it,” and are unable to shake up their existing habits, they’re using their past to inform their future. This episode will challenge you to question how you think about your money. Are your mindsets, behaviors, and actions in alignment with the wealthy future you hope to create? Or do you need to make some changes?

In Episode 139 and Episode 140, Dr. Ekstrom reviewed the first 6 reasons women fail to grow wealth. In this final installment of the 3-part series, she will shed light on obstacles 7  through 10.  

  • [04:48] #5 – The Habit of Negative Expectation
  • [07:25] #6 – Wishful Thinking
  • [08:23] #7 – Feelings of Entitlement
  • [11:29] #8 – The Princess Syndrome
  • [13:49] #9 – Feeling Undeserving
  • [19:45] #10 – Failure to Make a Decision

Topics Discussed:

  • Common money mistakes women make
  • Wealthy money mindsets
  • Making a decision
  • Childcare vs parenting
  • Relationship with money


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