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Women in Blue-Collar Careers, with Ken Rusk

Episode 103

Ken Rusk is a blue-collar business entrepreneur and best-selling author. Ken visualized the life he wanted, set goals, and launched multiple successful endeavors over the last 40 years. He has extensive experience in hiring, training, and developing first-time job seekers, particularly those without college degrees.

Ken started his first job as a “ditch digger” at 15 and evolved his experience with that into a successful company. Today, blue-collar trades are just as much a path to success as they were then, but fewer people pursue them. The economy is in desperate need of skilled tradespeople, which makes now a perfect time to pursue a blue-collar career.

What You Will Learn:

  • How Ken learned to visualize what he wanted as an adolescent and work hard for it as he became an adult
  • Why it’s important to visualize what your comfort, peace, and freedom look like
  • How sharing your goals and finding a support system can help you achieve success
  • Why there are more opportunities for women in blue-collar industries now
  • Why Ken would advise those interested in trade careers to go into construction
  • The three different ways to learn trade skills without going to traditional college

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