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The 7 Elements of Transformation, with Nona Djavid

Episode 71

A certified life coach, NLP Practitioner, business coach, and a Platinum Partner with Tony Robbins, Nona advises business leaders and entrepreneurs on how to reinvent their life and businesses to become more efficient and profitable. Through systemized growth strategies, Nona helps clients work smarter, not harder, to achieve the life of their dreams. The mom of two young boys, Nona knows firsthand the importance of finding work-life balance while still being an inspirational and successful business leader.

As the founder of SoulScale – a revolutionary meal-based weight loss program that not only targets unwanted fat, but lowers cholesterol, steps back from the brink of diabetes, and reduces inflammation, Nona has helped thousands of clients make healthy lifestyle choices and improve their health and nutrition. After watching her family turn to food for comfort following their immigration to the United States and fail at every weight loss program, she went to new levels in an effort to save their lives, creating SoulScale to focus on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Additionally, as the author of eLIVate Your Life, Nona breaks down the personal transformation into the seven pillars (Energy, Love, Inspiration, Vision, Alignment, Truth, and Empowerment) she uses to transform her client's lives.

Nona's expertise has been featured in Forbes, HuffPost, Byrdie, and more. She speaks on numerous stages around the world.

What You Will Learn:

  • What is an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner) and what do they teach
  • How to create a part-time million dollar business
  • How Nona’s clients have been able to double their business within 90 days
  • Why women must learn how to delegate more in order to lead
  • What are legacy building activities 
  • Why billionaires often practice a “thinking hour”
  • What systems should business owners implement for more efficiency and freedom
  • Why women should regularly check in with their circle of influence

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