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Developing Yourself Through Music, with Juangui & Daniela Ocampo

Episode 90

Juangui and Daniela, father and daughter, are dedicated to building bridges of human growth through work with music for vulnerable kids living in communities at high social risk in Medellín and Bello, Colombia (South America).

Juangui is both a musician and social entrepreneur; he founded the Amadeus Organization which created the music and social program called Red de Escuelas de Música de Medellín and the first Children and Youth Symphony Orchestra in Medellín among other cultural programs with a great social impact.

Daniela is a Cultural Communicator, passionate about music, education, and social innovation. She has been working for more than 10 years at Amadeus, where she had the privilege of developing her emotional intelligence while playing the cello in one of the children's and youth symphony orchestras.

Juangui and Daniela work side-by-side to ensure that more children and young people have the opportunity to cultivate their human, social and artistic creativity regardless of the paradigms of poverty that surround them. Music is their secret to achieving it.

What You Will Learn:

  • How Juangui’s experience of poverty differs from the poverty that families experience today in Medellin 
  • How poverty can cause you to lose hope and imagination, and why that is the worst poverty of all
  • What caused Juangui to use music to help impoverished children develop hope and new opportunities
  • Why did the Colombian communities push back against teaching children classical music
  • Why did Daniela and other students who grew up studying music decide to pursue other career paths
  • How studying music as a child teaches principles that allow success in other areas of life

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