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Liz Germain

Taking Responsibility for Your Actions, Your Business, and Your Future, with Liz Germain

Episode 119
  • Liz Germain is a creator, entrepreneur, and founder of Vidfluence who helps experts and influencers grow profitable YouTube channels. Liz has been in the YouTube game for almost a decade, generating over 100 million organic YouTube views (without ads) and tens of thousands of leads for her clients across industries. She has two of her own YouTube silver awards (100k+ subscribers) and teaches cutting-edge YouTube organic growth strategies that have generated millions in sales online.

    Long before Liz started Vidfluence, she moved from Michigan to California to pursue a career in the health and fitness industry. Liz and her sister worked together to provide an at-home, virtual fitness challenge for their clients. This product offering launched Liz into the world of video production. When Liz’s sister decided to exit their joint business, Liz was left hurt and a little lost. Through her experience traveling solo to places from China to Machu Picchu and pursuing leadership training and business coaching, Liz began to develop the outline and value proposition for Vidfluence.

    On this episode of Money Loves Women, join Dr. Deborah Ekstrom and Liz Germain to hear Liz’s lessons learned from starting and exiting a business with a co-founder in the family, how an emotional intelligence leadership training helped Liz through a difficult period, and the three traffic sources you should be aware of when starting and growing your YouTube channel. 

    Topics Discussed:

    • Prioritizing health and fitness 
    • Liz’s business partnership with her sister
    • Tackling a difficult transition from partnership to solo business owner
    • Taking responsibility for your actions
    • Understanding your video channel audience
    • Monitoring your channel analytics 


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