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Mindful Millionaire: Building Your Financial House, with Leisa Peterson

Episode 158

On this episode of Money Loves Women, join Dr. Deborah Ekstrom and Leisa Peterson, a financial coach, author, business growth strategist, and founder of WealthClinic. 

Leisa can help elevate your financial consciousness and restore a healthy and prosperous relationship with money and yourself.

She emphasizes the importance of examining our beliefs and attitudes toward money and the impact it has on our decision-making processes. Leisa also sheds light on self-sabotaging behaviors we have with our finances and the need for accessible financial education. 

Listen in as Dr. Deborah and Leisa share practical strategies to build a strong financial foundation and create structure in your life. She discusses the impact negative feedback has on your psyche and how to unwind limiting beliefs. 

Plus, we get a sneak peek at Leisa’s book, “Mindful Millionaire,” where she teaches how to build a financial house based on the chakra system. 

Topics Discussed:

  • Money Beliefs & Unmasking Hidden Barriers
  • Financial Ignorance
  • Shaping Your Financial Destiny
  • Bridging the Financial Knowledge Gap
  • Mastering Money Decision-Making
  • Creating Your Blueprint for Financial Success
  • Aligning Wealth and Well-being through Chakra


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