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Adapting to Market Changes: Shirley Kurnoff’s Guide to Pivoting Your Business

Episode 165

On today’s episode of Money Loves Women, Dr. Deborah interviews Shirley Kurnoff who shares her fascinating background, from her birth in Edinburgh, Scotland, to her experiences growing up in South Africa and eventually immigrating to the United States. 

As an accomplished scholar and businesswoman, with an MA in education from Stanford and a Ph.D. in sociology from Macquarie University, Shirley's expertise lies in understanding the challenges faced by working mothers and the impact of technology. 

She is the author of two books, one on the social aspects of dyslexia and the other exploring the experiences of working women. Shirley's passion for empowering working mothers is evident, and she shares her wisdom on topics like technology boundaries and flexible work arrangements. 

Beyond her professional achievements, Shirley volunteers with autistic young adults and leads an active lifestyle. She also shares her role as a co-owner in a cobblestone-importing business, highlighting adaptability with market changes, client relations, and the importance of organization and discipline. 

Don't miss Shirley's story on how her education in sociology and authorship contributed to her organizational skills and discipline in her business endeavors.

Topics Discussed:

  • A Journey of Diverse Backgrounds and Business Success 
  • From Tennis Courts to Cobblestones
  • Adapting to Market Changes
  • The Power of Partnership with Her Husband
  • How Shirley’s Education and Discipline Propel Her Success


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