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How Living a Life of Integrity Attracts Wealth, with Dr. Deborah Ekstrom

Episode 148

In this episode, host Dr. Deborah Ekstrom recounts the insightful, and eye-opening lessons she learned from the book The Way of Integrity by Martha Beck. 

Dr. Ekstrom believes that practicing life with integrity is the single most important thing you can do to attract money into your life. This assertion is discussed in detail in Episode 142 of the Money Loves Women Podcast – Ten Obstacles to Women Building Wealth – Accountability

Before we uncover how integrity, a life without lies, and wealth are related, it’s important to understand the three types of lies that Beck outlines in her book.

  1. Black lies: These are deliberate, premeditated deceptions where you're lying with full intent and awareness, usually to hide some kind of unethical behavior or something you're not very proud of.
  2. White lies: Most of us engage in unconscious and even socially-conditioned white lies. Many wheels of social situations are greased with little white lies because of our collective agreement to tell harmless fibs.
  3. Gray lies: These lies are duplicitous in that we believe it’s okay to lie a little, but then we rationalize to preserve our concept of ourselves as upstanding citizens.

No matter the type of lie you tell – black, white, or gray – the act of telling a lie wreaks inner havoc on your emotional and physical well-being. More importantly, all of these small lies underpin the biggest lie of them all: I am not loved. 

In order to be wealthy, you must first believe that you are worthy. Then, you have to love money back for loving you. If you don't love money, it will feel rejected, and it cannot come into your life. Don’t believe the lie that you are not loved. Inherently, you are lovable. You always have been, and you always will be. 

So, what if you challenged yourself not to lie for a week? For 30 days? As you stop lying, you uncover deeper truths. The biggest truth this show is determined to teach? Money loves you. Believe this and money will come into your life.

Topics Discussed:

  • Integrity
  • Wealth Building
  • Accountability
  • Gratitude
  • Types of lies


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