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10 Obstacles to Women Building Wealth: Accountability, with Dr. Deborah Ekstrom

Episode 142

In the last series, “The Top 10 Reasons Women Fail to Grow Wealth”, Dr. Ekstrom detailed the limiting beliefs and typical behaviors that hinder women from creating a wealthy, abundant future. This episode, “10 Obstacles to Women Building Wealth: Accountability”, is all about the panacea to these obstacles: Accountability. 

Accountability is arguably the most essential piece of wealth building. But when we consider the word “accountability”, typically our mind goes to the negative. We think of critical feedback or punishment. But what if we rebranded the word? Instead of holding ourselves accountable, we held ourselves capable. If you are encouraged by all the opportunities you have to take action, you feel a sense of freedom. Having choices is powerful.

When you choose accountability for yourself, it drives your decisions, which drives your habits, which drives your planning. When you’re accountable to yourself, you build confidence in your abilities. You’re able to tolerate more risk. Both of which are pillars of building wealth. As you accumulate inner confidence and count on yourself, you teach yourself to imagine a new reality. With imagination, you can create a new vision for your life. 

Though accountability is the mindset we should all strive for, there is a tendency to fall back into old, familiar patterns. For many, this pattern is a victim mindset. In this episode, Dr. Ekstrom will discuss the temptations of victimhood and how short-term comfort can prevent long-term personal, relational, and financial success. 

Topics Discussed:

  • Accountability
  • Process improvement
  • Imagination
  • Building confidence
  • Being in demand
  • Overcoming a victim mindset
  • Drawbacks to holding yourself accountable
  • Short-term vs. long-term success


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