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Forging Your Own Path to Success, with Poppy Farsijani

Episode 46

Poppy Farsijani is an experienced founder and entrepreneur with a knack for communication and creative problem-solving. As the media and marketing lead for Ur24T, she brings a unique perspective because of having worked in the broadcast media industry as a reporter, evening news anchor, producer, and talk show host for various news channels including CBS and Radio BBC. After receiving her MBA from Pepperdine University, she launched her natural-oil perfume company, Poppy Farsijani Fragrance, in retail outlets across the United States.

A NYC native, Ms. Farsijani loves people and creating things and is the author of “Shaming My Red Lips”, her memoir on female empowerment that describes her journey as a reporter in the Middle East. Her memoir is currently being made into a motion picture.

What You Will Learn:

  • Poppy’s experience growing up in both a culturally diverse Brooklyn Neighborhood and an oppressive Islamic state
  • The fundamental framework of Poppy’s memoir, “Shaming My Red Lips”
  • How Poppy got into broadcasting at the age of just eighteen
  • What Poppy did to support herself as an entrepreneur when she started her perfume company Poppy Farsijani Fragrances
  • How Poppy approaches self-care to stay grounded
  • How Poppy kept forward momentum while balancing so many endeavors simultaneously

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