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Productive Money Conversations, with Cammie Doder & Sandi Bragar

Episode 149

Cammie Doder and Sandi Bragar both work at Aspirant, an independent wealth management firm. Cammie serves as Aspirant's Chief Marketing Officer and is a listener, educator, and advocate in her role. Sandi Bragar's role as Chief Client Officer allows her to help people make meaningful financial decisions so they can proactively see the impact on their lives. 

Together, Cammie and Sandi are the co-hosts of Aspirant's podcast, Money Tale$, where they bring more than 35 years of combined professional experience in personal finance to each episode. 

In this episode, Cammie, Sandi, and host Dr. Deborah Ekstrom illuminate how our initial impressions of money affect us. Our early interactions with money, whether positive or negative, set the stage for the rest of our lives. Many women grow up assuming that money is a finite resource, that it's confusing, or that we can never master it. It takes effort and dedication to overcome these untrue and limiting beliefs. 

As podcast co-hosts, Cammie and Sandi understand the importance of comfortable money conversations and endeavor to demystify financial well-being and wealth building. Why? 

  • There is power in understanding your finances. When you clearly grasp your wealth-building goals, you inherit a sense of control and knowledge. 
  • When you share your story, you inspire others to create values-based financial goals.
  • Education is powerful. We all need to shed the embarrassment of lacking financial education. 
  • Talking about your finances can help you gain confidence and grow.

In this episode, learn how to use gifts like empathy and understanding to build a healthy relationship with money. You'll also understand how to rationalize money to fit your life and the qualities of an excellent financial advisor.

Topics Discussed:

  • Financial Confidence
  • Understanding Finances
  • Money Emotion/Mindset 
  • Money Challenges
  • Personal Finances 
  • Money Conversations 


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