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Women in Wealth Management, with Molly Grubb

Episode 16

Molly Grubb is the Founder of Grubb Wealth, a premier personal CFO firm that helps business owners gain control of their business. Grubb Wealth is designed to help business owners realize their purpose and build personal wealth through a well-defined process.

Molly is working toward her goal of helping 10,000 business owners gain control over their personal and professional lives. She has been a featured speaker and presenter at many professional organizations and business groups where she shares her expertise generously. Molly’s award-winning presentations have been recognized by professional speaking coaches, not only for their content but for the quality of her presentations.

When Molly is not busy connecting with her audiences and serving clients, she loves spending time with a large family. Molly is a cycling enthusiast leading her group of almost 400 fellow cyclists called Chicks Gone Cycling.

What You Will Learn:

  • Molly’s journey into the field of wealth management
  • The difference between executing a transaction and intentional planning with a process for return on your investment in your business when exiting a business and the implications for your long term wealth.
  • How to take advantage of the full spectrum of services a “family office” (extensive set of dedicated and highly knowledgeable advisors retained or employed by wealthy families) can offer without being uber wealthy
  • Common obstacles that women business owners face in building wealth
  • How Molly makes her life work so she can perform at a high level while fulfilling her personal commitments at home


Meet your hosts:

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