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Finding Fulfillment, with Misha Rubin

Episode 49

Misha Rubin provides transformational career programs which are designed for people to discover careers that bring a sense of meaning, fulfillment, and abundance. He spent over 20 years in corporate America; in his last position as a partner at Ernst & Young, he guided hundreds of careers. His corporate experience combined with his experience studying with many profound teachers and his personal quest for meaning and fulfillment birthed The Career Leap method, a guided inquiry that brings awareness to the deep parts of oneself, creates new career possibilities and moves individuals into action. Now his mission is to transform the paradigm of career and work in our society – specifically the why and how, and the where and what people do – so that they find their true life’s work and realize their full potential while experiencing a sense of meaning, satisfaction, and abundance.

What You Will Learn:

  • Misha’s methods to guide people through career transformation
  • The scary moment of truth where he longer felt aligned with his career
  • The meaning of career rebel
  • What is the “skills and experience pitfall”
  • Misha’s career values
  • Why Misha’s high level career path fell short of providing him with fulfillment
  • The 4 steps of the career leap method
  • What is a paradigm of thinking
  • How to destroy our limiting beliefs
  • The “deathbed test”
  • How Misha relates to powerful women
  • Why your spouse may not be supportive
  • The most pragmatic choice you can make in your life

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  • Facebook:

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