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Lighting the Entrepreneurial Fuse, with Brad Hart

Episode 111

With 20 years as an entrepreneur and 16 years managing wealth under his belt, Brad Hart is committed to helping entrepreneurs and investors reach their full potential, so they can focus on solving the grand challenges of our time. 


Having gained extensive experience in real estate, investments, trading, marketing, sales and peak performance strategy, he’s built and helped build several companies, growing revenues and profits into the millions of dollars. 


Brad is a founding member of the Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB) speaking and training team led by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi. It is a self-education movement that has helped tens of thousands of people to launch their own masterminds. Additionally, Brad’s company, Make More Marbles, is a top ten affiliate partner (#8 out of 5000 affiliates) for Tony and Dean. 


On this episode of Money Loves Women, join Dr. Deborah and Brad Hart to learn more about Brad’s journey and how you, too, can light the fuse and create something unique of your own and dive into the world and community of crypto. 


Topics Discussed:

  • Masterminds
  • The art and importance of giving
  • Networking
  • Abundance mindsets
  • Cryptocurrency & Blockchain
  • Entrepreneurship



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