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Financial Freedom Through Real Estate Investing, with Dixie Decker

Episode 12

Dixie Decker has extensive experience with complex real estate transactions, but specializes in the niche called student housing, turning regular single-family homes into multiple paychecks producing double and sometimes triple other rentals! Her expertise is reflected by going from bankrupt to millionaire in less than 3 years, without using her own money or credit, (because she simply didn’t have any when she was forced to start over in her life). Now having over 200 student tenants producing rental income, she continuously leverages her knowledge of wholesaling, lease options, owner financing, and home renovation.

She has bought, financed, and over-seen real estate transactions in excess of 26 million dollars and raised over 5 million dollars in private lending through her current business model and now teaches her system to others to help make them successful.

Dixie’s success can be attributed in large part to her team-building talents, and her practices and procedures for automating the business (from the buying, selling, renting, down to the marketing and back end bookkeeping), all made simple with cutting edge business systems. Through the hands-on experience of real estate investing in hundreds of deals, she differentiates herself with her customer service and quick response time as an example of soft marketing tech

What You Will Learn:

  • Dixie’s journey into real estate
  • How Dixie became the “Queen of Student Housing”
  • Dixie’s particular real estate model in the context of Money Loves Women’s
  • wealth-building model.
  • Dixie’s first major lesson in managing her wealth
  • How Dixie started her real estate portfolio with no cash or credit
  • How Dixie leveraged training and mentorship to grow and automate her business
  • The process of wholesaling houses
  • The systems and processes Dixie implemented to grow her business
  • How you can learn Dixie’s wealth-building model


Meet your hosts:

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