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How to Break into the Stock Market, with Katie Poirier

Episode 11

Katie Poirier is a mother of three, 11-year-old twin boys, and her youngest son, who is 5. She grew up in Brimfield, Mass, and still resides there today. After high school, she attended Worcester State College where she received degrees in Elementary Education and Psychology. Katie loves to stay busy and is constantly seeking challenges to improve her abilities. Katie trades stocks and options, using specific technical analysis. The stock market and real estate investing supplement each other well, and she is very passionate about both.

What You Will Learn:

  • Katie’s discovery of the stock market as a wealth-building strategy and journey into stocks trading
  • How Katie first learned and then studied the fundamentals of trading
  • The framework of Katie’s trading strategy
  • How Katie stays on top of the changing trends, skills, and technologies needed to excel in the world of trading
  • How Katie used trading as a springboard into real estate investing
  • The personality traits you need to be successful in the stock market
  • Why personal development is even more important than developing fundamental trading skills for successful stock market investing
  • How Katie balances her responsibilities at home with her trading career
  • The top resources you need to start delving into stock market investing


Meet your hosts:

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