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Building A Passionate Business, with Amy Rose

Episode 65

Amy Rose is from California in the Santa Barbara area, and a graduate of UC Santa Barbara. She is the Co-Owner and Director of Operations for SJBC, which is a series of Black Bear Diners. After starting her career in marketing in both the food and fashion industries, Amy relocated to Amsterdam to teach yoga and help develop the yoga scene in Europe. Before returning to the United States — she worked with Lululemon, helping to grow the company internationally. 

What You Will Learn:

  • How Amy was able to help pioneer the yoga scene in Europe
  • Why Amy worked all positions in her father’s restaurant before taking over
  • How it’s possible to make more money with a franchise than with your own restaurant 
  • Why you need to be passionate to be a franchisee
  • The key to businesses making it through unexpected disasters 

How to contact Amy Rose:

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