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Build Your Dream Team, with Dr. Michael Neal

Episode 17

Dr. Michael Neal is a practicing Optometrist who created Build My Team, a revolutionary scientific way to hire amazing admin team members for health care practices. His system was created to stop the revolving door of staff in his wife’s health care practice in rural, Pennsylvania. It worked so well that he founded Build My Team and now has clients in seven health care specialties, 17 states, and two countries. Dr. Mike and his wonderful wife have 2 boys that keep them happy and young.

What You Will Learn:

  • Why Dr. Neal chose to start another business in addition to his practice
  • How Dr. Neal started the entire Build My Team process with nothing more than a cell phone
  • How Dr. Neal was able to fill his practice with incredibly talented candidates by changing his hiring practices
  • The importance of supporting intelligence and aptitude with thorough training programs
  • How Dr. Neal’s vetting and hiring process works
  • The results Dr. Neal’s clients have seen using this process in their businesses


Meet your hosts:

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