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Money and Emotion, with Michelle Arpin Begina

Episode 3

Michelle’s earliest memories from childhood all relate to money. And yet, the stories and lessons learned from different branches of her family tree couldn’t be more dichotomous!

Michelle has used the money lessons from her life to rethink how financial advisors and their clients have traditionally worked together. Rather than thinking of her role as a gatekeeper of portfolios, she sees real value in being a gateway to personal financial freedom.

To support her clients on their unique wealth journeys, Michelle is a technician of financial planning, investment, and wealth management. But what differentiates Michelle from other financial advisors is that she has spent the last two-plus decades studying the unconventional, non-financial aspects of life satisfaction, financial therapy (it’s a thing), behavioral bias, choice, and decision advising.

She believes we all need to examine the money stories, scripts, and lessons that affect our financial psychology so that we can rethink what we know about money to have more of it.

Michelle lives in Wyckoff, NJ with her husband, Mike and sons, Alex and Nick. She is an avid photographer – her sons are her favorite subject!

What You Will Learn:

  • What it means to think outside the box but inside the brain
  • Michelle’s strong interest in money and emotion
  • Michelle’s role as a wealth advisor/counselor and how it is affected by her unique perspective of money
  • How our unique exposure to money throughout our life still affects us today
  • How Michelle helps her clients through different types of dysfunctional financial behaviors
  • Wealth advisor vs. wealth counselor
  • Financial therapy and behavioral economics, and how they impact our financial decisions
  • How to build wealth so you can achieve financial freedom

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