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Banking on Yourself, with Amanda Neely

Episode 106

Amanda Neely is a small business and financial professional. She founded and ran Overflow Coffee Bar, L3C from 2008 through 2018. Now, she shares her experiential knowledge through podcasting and developing personalized financial strategies for individuals and couples, as well as profitability strategies for businesses. Her goal is to work with people to take charge of their cash flow, leverage their assets, and increase their profitability in ways that would make their grandma proud.

What You Will Learn:

  • How Amanda’s people-first mentality of financial advising differs from others
  • Why small businesses are able to do more good and change the world
  • What is the “bank on yourself” concept, and how can it transform your business
  • What is the difference between term life insurance, whole life insurance, and the “bank on yourself” concept
  • How investing in a particular type of whole life insurance can provide security and financial freedom and act as your personal low interest “bank”.
  • What are the tax benefits of whole life insurance, and why do people buy more than one policy

How to contact Amanda Neely:

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