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Shaping Money Beliefs, with Gayle Reaume

Episode 102

Gayle Reaume is the Founder of Moolah U, a company that focuses on bringing the world of money alive for children. Moolah U was born out of Gayle’s desire to inspire and educate young people to create lives of financial independence.

Through listening to the concerns of parents and understanding the viewpoints of young people, Gayle and her team created a series of real-life, real-money programs that help their students navigate various financial situations. Their holistic system is designed to create structured experiences for kids to establish financial habits that guide them to a life of financial stability and freedom.

Moolah U is committed to solving an increasing problem in society; how do people make choices that lead to financial stability? Moolah U is transforming the way families do money by providing a natural structure where kids are granted increasing levels of financial freedom.

Gayle remarks, “We are building a company that values choice and personal responsibility from within and empowers people in their relationship with money.”

What You Will Learn:

  • How growing up with the freedom to create and learn about money helped Gayle avoid certain money fears
  • Why Gayle started atypical businesses by filling needs and listening to customers
  • The most common question that children ask when it comes to money
  • How your beliefs impact the amount of money you have and spend
  • Why it’s more important for parents to prepare their kids rather than protect their kids
  • Why you should always save some money for investments, no matter how much or little money you have

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