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Leadership Strength in Your Wealth-Building Journey, with Kamin Samuel

Episode 42

Kamin Samuel began her professional career as the U.S. Navy’s first female African American helicopter pilot. She served in the Navy for more than 9 years with various duties including being a Navy Flight Instructor. She transitioned to civilian life and the professional business world, working at technology and media companies and quickly climbing the corporate ladder, eventually being promoted to Vice President Global Website Operations at a billion-dollar company.

In her role as an International Rapid Transformation Coach & Therapist, Kamin helps entrepreneurs and leaders uplevel their success and wealth mindset, be more strategic, more
effectively lead their organizations, and be more outcome-driven, heart-centered, and develop stronger team leaders.

A sought-out expert by other coaches and leaders, Kamin’s unique expertise is to help her clients clear hidden barriers to achieving greater success and fulfillment in their businesses, as well as all areas of their life. Kamin has served on the faculty of Steve Chandler’s Advanced Client Systems School teaching wealth and success mindset. In addition to working with clients and teams, Kamin is a keynote speaker and conducts workshops on various leadership topics for corporate and military, and is a frequent podcast show guest.

She has earned three Master’s degrees in Information Systems, Spiritual Psychology, and Spiritual Science. Kamin’s unique background combines technical and soft skills, allowing her to assist individuals in taking practical action in the real world that gets dramatic results.

Kamin is a bestselling author of Increase Your Abundance Starting Today! and the award-winning The Wealth Transformation Journal, the Success Transformation Journal,
and her newest as coauthor of The Conscious Luck Workbook.

She is a philanthropist and is passionate about assisting educational organizations. She sits on the Board of EduCare Foundation, one of Los Angeles’ largest after-school program providers and on the Board of the Internet Marketing Association. She is also a founding member of the
International Executive Council.

Kamin and her husband, Mark, make their home in Southern California.

What You Will Learn:

  • Kamin’s success journey in the Navy, business, and professional coaching spheres
  • How Kamin became the Navy’s first female African American helicopter pilot
  • The success principles Kamin developed to overcome immense adversity and pressure
  • Kamin’s words of advice to any women thinking about a career in the military
  • The greatest lessons Kamin took away from her career in the Navy
  • How Kamin developed her first business while managing a separate career simultaneously
  • Kamin’s role as an International Rapid Transformation Coach & Therapist

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