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Blasting Your Limiting Beliefs, with Hilary DeCesare

Episode 86

Hilary DeCesare is an award-winning entrepreneur, Transformational-Neuro Certified Coach, CEO of The ReLaunch Co., featured speaker in Silicon Valley and conferences nationwide, as well as a relentless philanthropist as seen on the hit ABC show Secret Millionaire. She's made it her commitment to helping women fire up possibilities midlife, taking a time most try to bypass and instead turn it into a time to focus on inspiring business ventures, have clarity in relationships, and instill how YOU are ultimately the creator of your purpose aligned lifestyle and the life you live. Having faced several setbacks herself, she has a unique foundational process in The ReLaunch Effect and The Model 3H, which provides the step by step to go from stuck on autopilot to transformation when you combine the Heart, the Head and the Higher Self this is the magic that creates a powerhouse of possibility in every area of your life.

What You Will Learn:

  • How watching her mother’s transformation after facing struggles impacted Hilary
  • What Hilary learned during the early years of Silicon Valley as a woman
  • How to connect with men during pitches using visual cues and agreement
  • What is vocal fracking, and why women should avoid it during presentations
  • Why you must do your own due diligence, regardless of who else is involved
  • What is the five-step belief blaster method, and why it’s important to get rid of underground limiting beliefs
  • How long does it take to rewire your brain and create new habits and beliefs
  • What is the model 3H for creating abundance in all areas of your life

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