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Finding Financial Freedom in Life's Transitional Moments, with Julie Fortin

Finding Financial Freedom in Life’s Transitional Moments, with Julie Fortin

Episode 178

Welcome to another episode of Money Loves Women, where we explore the intersection of money, women, and empowerment. Dr. Ekstrom is joined by Julie Forten, Partner and Wealth Manager at Northstar Financial Planning. Julie tells us how she found her own unique, authentic space for maximum enjoyment of her professional career which also created deep satisfaction in her personal life. 

Julie's search for meaningful and fulfilling work in the financial field ignited a transformation in her career, and now she helps women overcome confidence issues and navigate significant life transitional moments. 

She also discusses the shifting mindset around women and their money matters within the financial industry…… and how Northstar Advisors are at the forefront, shattering past patterns of paternalism in advising, preferring to recognize the control women are entitled to take in their financial lives.

Get ready for an enlightening conversation on today's episode of Money Loves Women to see how Julie is reshaping the financial landscape for women. 

Topics Discussed:

  • [01:54-3:39] Navigating Life's Crossroads
  • [03:4099:05] From Numbers to Narratives
  • [09:06-13:05] Understanding Certifications and Payments
  • [13:06-15:20] Women in Financial Relationships
  • [15:21-18:57] Importance of Emotions in Financial Decisions
  • [18:58-23:13] Guidance Through a Widow's Inheritance
  • [23:14-24:51] Patience in Life's Transitional Moments
  • [24:52-30:51] Questions for Financial Advisors
  • [30:52-34:32] Pursuing Financial Comfort


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