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The Power of Relationships, with Marie-Elizabeth Mali

Episode 30

Marie-Elizabeth Mali helps purpose-driven, successful people to experience joy and fulfillment beyond their work. As a Relationship Artist and Coach, she helps people deepen love and connection in their relationship with themselves and others. Drawing on her Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, her experience in being raised between three cultures (and being fluent in three languages since the age of 3), and her 30 years of personal development work, Marie-Elizabeth brings a unique and unparalleled perspective to what it means to be your full, authentic self in a relationship instead of trying to mold yourself to others opinions so you can fit in. Marie-Elizabeth is also a published author with an MFA in Poetry from Sarah Lawrence College and an underwater photographer who has a thing for sharks.

What You Will Learn:

  • How the success of our love and relationships relate to our ability to thrive in the workplace
  • Marie-Elizabeth’s journey of personal growth and development
  • Why mastering relationship management requires just as much time and effort as we put into professional development
  • The principles that enable us to manage successful relationships and careers simultaneously
  • Why our relationships with ourselves deeply impact our relationships with others
  • What living a life of abundance and wealth means to Elizabeth-Marie
  • What it means to have agency, and how it affects your behavior

How to contact Marie-Elizabeth Mali:

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