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Pride and Passion in the Wealth-Building Journey, with Pamela J. Gonsalves

Episode 45

Pamela Gonsalves is a Retired professor, veteran, police officer, and dental hygienist. As both a Marine Corps veteran and Mass Army National Guard veteran, she served a total of 11 years of service to her country. As a part-time police officer serving her community for 7 years. Growing up in Uxbridge, MA, and living among 10 plus foster children until leaving after graduation for boot camp. Athletics and socializing was her favorite class. Her favorite job, however, was being a mom and a mentor to her students. After her full-time Marine Corps service, she received her AS in dental hygiene from Quinsigamond Community College in 1992 and continued her degree completion in dental hygiene at Northeastern University in 1996. Her last degree in Health education was a master’s degree from Worcester State University in 2000. Pam has traveled abroad in Bosnia in 1998 to aid in medical dental relief to the war-torn country. Her favorite passions include travel, motorcycles, mentoring, and family.

What You Will Learn:

  • Pam’s background and her unique wealth-building journey
  • Pam’s experience as a professor, dental hygienist, police officer, and one of the first women aboard an aircraft carrier
  • How Pam established herself in the Marines despite her small size and Army background
  • How Pam’s experience in the military taught her how to overcome adversity and bring optimism to every situation
  • Pam’s struggle with finding mentorship as a female in the Marines
  • Pam’s money rules, principles, and guidelines

Meet your hosts:

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